Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One

Prepare for a year of holiday mayhem.

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One (2021)


The Batman must take down a serial killer who only kills on holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas; mysteriously and brutally taking down citizens of Gotham City.

Director: Chris Palmer
Writers: Tim Sheridan, Chris Palmer.

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part One Vodly
Release Date: 2021-06-21
Status: Post Production
Production Companies : DC Entertainment, Warner Bros. Animation, DC Comics
Production Country: United States of America


Jensen Ackles
as Bruce Wayne / Batman (voice)
Naya Rivera
as Selina Kyle / Catwoman (voice)
Josh Duhamel
as Harvey Dent (voice)
Billy Burke
as James Gordon (voice)
Titus Welliver
as Carmine Falcone (voice)
David Dastmalchian
as Julian Day / Calendar Man (voice)
Troy Baker
as The Joker (voice)
Amy Landecker
as Barbara Gordon (voice)
Julie Nathanson
as Gilda Dent (voice)
Jack Quaid
as Alberto Falcone (voice)
Fred Tatasciore
as Solomon Grundy (voice)
Alastair Duncan
as Alfred Pennyworth (voice)
Frances Callier
Greg Chun
Gary LeRoi Gray
Jim Pirri


Writing Bob Kane Characters
Production Michael Uslan Executive Producer
Writing Jeph Loeb Comic Book
Production Butch Lukic Supervising Producer
Production Sam Register Executive Producer
Production James Krieg Producer
Writing Bill Finger Characters
Writing Tim Sheridan Screenplay
Production Kimberly S. Moreau Producer
Writing Chris Palmer Screenplay
Directing Chris Palmer Director
Writing Tim Sale Comic Book

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