Ivanhoe Season 1

(1958) season 1 (1958)

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First Air Date: 1958-01-05
Last Air Date: 1959-01-04
Total Seasons: 1
Total Episodes: 39
Serie Status: Ended

Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1 Freeing the Serfs (1958-01-05)
Returning from the Crusades, Ivanhoe finds England under the cruel tyranny of Prince John and begins the fight to remove him from power.
Episode 2 Slave Traders (1958-01-12)
Young people are disappearing, and people believe it's the Devil's work; but Ivanhoe believes something not so supernatural is behind it all.
Episode 3 Wedding Cake (1958-01-19)
Lady Elaine is pushed into becoming engaged to a nobleman's crude son, in order to save her uncle.
Episode 4 Black Boar (1958-01-26)
Ivanhoe gets in serious trouble killing a royal boar to save a life.
Episode 5 Whipping Boy (1958-02-02)
Ivanhoe tries freeing a boy from an abusive baron.
Episode 6 The Witness (1958-02-09)
Ivanhoe unwillingly attends a banquet for Prince John.
Episode 7 German Knight (1958-02-16)
Ivanhoe tries to help a runaway indentured servant avoid capture when he returns home to visit his ailing mother.
Episode 8 Face to Face (1958-02-23)
A captured church robber tries claiming he is Ivanhoe.
Episode 9 Rinaldo (1958-03-02)
A nobleman that is an opponent of Prince John's high taxes finds himself framed for murder.
Episode 10 Lyman the Pieman (1958-03-09)
Lyman witnesses a murder and is about to testify, when an crooked lord has him abducted.
Episode 11 The Escape (1958-03-16)
Prince John plots to kill all the loyalists to Richard to consolidate his grip on the throne.
Episode 12 Ragen's Forge (1958-03-23)
A nobleman promises a girl he will spare her fiancee and father from execution -- if she marries him.
Episode 13 The Ransom (1958-03-29)
A nobleman is kidnapped, and his son attempts a rescue himself, without listening to Ivanhoe's advice.
Episode 14 The Prisoner in the Tower (1958-04-05)
The victim of an ambush believes that the mastermind behind it is his future father-in-law.
Episode 15 Murder at the Inn (1958-04-12)
Ivanhoe lends a hand to villagers being terrorized by a brutal lord.
Episode 16 Brothers in Arms (1958-06-14)
Five monks collecting taxes for Prince John disappear, and Ivanhoe goes to find them.
Episode 17 The Weavers (1958-06-21)
Episode 18 Counterfeit (1958-07-06)
A chest of gold for King Richard has been changed out with counterfeit pieces, and Ivanhoe tries finding the thief.
Episode 19 Widow of Woodcote (1958-07-20)
Ivanhoe is the target of thieves after winning prizes in a tournament.
Episode 20 The Kidnapping (1958-07-27)
Ivanhoe tries sneaking King Richard's heir out of the country.
Episode 21 Treasures from Cathay (1958-08-10)
People are running from Wentworth castle, believing the world is coming to its end.
Episode 22 By Hook or By Crook (1958-08-17)
Ivanhoe tries to keep a ruthless land baron from destroying a village in order to build himself a private hunting preserve.
Episode 23 The Double-Edged Sword (1958-08-24)
Ivanhoe intervenes when a group believes they know the whereabouts of King Arthur's sword, Excalibur, and tear the countryside apart looking for it.
Episode 24 Search for Gold (1958-08-31)
Ivanhoe goes to retrieve a treasure map that has fallen in the wrong hands.
Episode 25 The Masked Bandits (1958-09-07)
Ivanhoe goes after bandits that have stolen from serfs.
Episode 26 Freelance (1958-09-21)
A soldier for Prince John becomes a conscientious objector and resigns, only to be threatened with death for his stance.
Episode 27 The Masons (1958-09-28)
Prince John tries preventing King Richard's return by blockading the coast.
Episode 28 Arms and the Woman (1958-10-05)
A nobleman leaves his castle vulnerable after heading out to rescue his son.
Episode 29 The Cattle Killers (1958-10-19)
A man falsely accused of cattle killing faces death, and his wife asks for Ivanhoe's help.
Episode 30 The Gentle Jester (1958-10-26)
Sir Maverick is looking for a new jester, unaware that among the applicants are assassins.
Episode 31 3 Days to Worcester (1958-11-09)
Ivanhoe is sidetracked by a spy while trying to save a loyalist to King Richard from execution.
Episode 32 The Night Raiders (1958-11-16)
Ivanhoe tries rescuing a farmer's daughter who's been abducted by raiders terrorizing their village in the valley of Kent.
Episode 33 The Raven (1958-11-23)
A cruel land baron believes a raven's appearance spells doom for him.
Episode 34 The Monk (1958-11-30)
A monk and his apprentice help Ivanhoe free a village.
Episode 35 The Swindler (1958-12-07)
A peddler is caught trying to exchange counterfeit gold.
Episode 36 The Princess (1958-12-14)
Prince John tries forcing a nobleman's loyalty by imprisoning his daughter, and Ivanhoe goes to rescue her.
Episode 37 The Fledgling (1958-12-21)
Ivanhoe discovers a young man has disguised himself in a tournament, hoping to win and prove he is worthy of knighthood.
Episode 38 The Circus (1958-12-28)
A group of travelling minstrels is attacked by Sir Mark, and Ivanhoe seeks revenge.
Episode 39 The Devil's Dungeon (1959-01-04)
A baron that's turned traitor arranges for an escort of ransom money for King Richard to be ambushed.

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