Batman Beyond Season 0

Score: 8/10 from 178 votes
First Air Date: 2000-12-12
Last Air Date: 2001-12-18
Total Seasons: 3
Total Episodes: 52
Serie Status: Ended

Season 0 Episodes

Episode 1 Return of the Joker (2000-12-12)
In this action-packed adventure, the sleeker, more dangerous and seemingly immortal Clown Prince of Crime is back to terrorize Gotham, Batman and the aging Bruce Wayne.
Episode 2 TV Short (2014-04-23)
Terry McGinnis as Batman helps Bruce Wayne fight a robotic Batman inside the Batcave.
Episode 3 Knight Immortal (2019-10-15)
A visual and visceral celebration of the Dark Knight’s 80 years of crime fighting, narrated by storytellers of the past, present, and future.
Episode 4 Nostalgic Tomorrow - A Batman Gathering (2019-10-15)
Many of Batman Beyond’s core production team and actors gather for an enthralling roundtable discussion of the evolution and execution of the animate series. Join producers Bruce Timm and Glenn Murakami, casting/dialogue director Andrea Romano, director James Tucker, writers Bob Goodman & Stan Berkowitz, and stars Kevin Conroy & Will Friedle as they take a wildly entertaining trip down memory lane.
Episode 5 Gotham - City of the Future (2019-10-15)
A close-up look at Gotham City circa 2039, including its modernization and inspriations for its high-tech design and massive scale.
Episode 6 The High Tech Hero (2019-10-15)
Batman Beyond storytellers discuss the evolution of the new Batsuit and its futuristic design and capabilities.
Episode 7 Tomorrow Knight - Batman Reborn (2019-10-15)
Explore the rise of Terry McGinnis as Batman and Bruce Wayne's relationship with the young hero as he mentors a new Dark Knight for modern times.
Episode 8 Darwyn Cooke's Batman 75th Anniversary Short (2014-04-20)
A brand new short from artist Darwyn Cooke returns fans to the world of Batman Beyond as Terry McGinnis' futuristic Dark Knight faces his most formidable foe of all--himself.

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First air date: 2000-12-12
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