Bob and Margaret Season 2

Season 2 (1999)


Score: 7.9/10 from 4 votes
First Air Date: 1999-08-19
Last Air Date: 2001-12-25
Total Seasons: 4
Total Episodes: 52
Serie Status: Ended

Season 2 Episodes

Episode 1 Bob Gets Wired (1999-08-19)
Margaret is accidentally arrested for shop lifting and treated like a terrorist. Bob is enlisted to entrap her.
Episode 2 No Trouble (1999-08-26)
Margaret's parents visit. They refuse to answer questions and bring their own toilet paper. They keep thanking Bob for having married their daughter
Episode 3 The Trouble With Mummy (1999-09-02)
When Bob's mother's best friend dies, Bob's brother and sister decide that Mummy might be best moved to a home. They are also excited about selling the house for a small fortune.
Episode 4 The Fly on the Wall (1999-09-09)
An old school friend of Bob's wants to make a documentary about his dental practice, but it doesn't go as Bob had hoped.
Episode 5 Problems (1999-09-16)
Margaret bumps into an old school friend she hasn't seen since she was six. The friend is very successful and this makes Margaret feel inadequate. Meanwhile, Bob agrees to attend an AA meeting and confronts some devils.
Episode 6 A Patient Dies in Bob's Chair (1999-09-23)
When a patient dies of a heart attack in Bob's chair, Bob is struck off and so hires a flashy lawyer to fight the ruling.
Episode 7 Cuckoo in the Nest (1999-11-20)
Margaret takes on a fawning young apprentice at the foot clinic. Meanwhile, Bob and Margaret have an unwanted house guest in the Clive, who tries to interest Bob in hookers. When Bob finds a pair underpants in Margaret's coat pocket he suspects the worst.
Episode 8 A New Life (1999-12-04)
Bob is impressed by a promotional video about living in the brand new town of Wordsworth Shakespeare and considers leaving London for this idyllic place where roads are straight and named after popular movies.
Episode 9 Animal Behavior (1999-11-27)
The dogs need more excitement in their lives, and so do Bob and Margaret, so they hook up with The Widgeners, a bitchy, artsy couple who live in a converted warehouse. This episode features an enormous corned beef penis!
Episode 10 Party Politics (2000-01-08)
Margaret unwittingly hosts a sex toy party, but can only manage to round up a feeble group of guests who include her elderly wheel chair bound aunt and the owner of the Indian restaurant below her office.
Episode 11 Going Dutch (2000-01-15)
Margaret wins a cycling holiday in holand, but Bob tries to get out of it because he never learned to ride a bike. Margaret takes Cathy instead.
Episode 12 My Foot Hurts (2000-02-01)
Margaret hosts a local radio phone in show called ‘My Foot Hurts'. To celebrate, they go to a new Indian restaurant, but the owners beg for radio support to help them so that they can afford fertility treatment.
Episode 13 A Bob or Two (2000-02-08)
Bob finds a clown on black velvet painting at a boot sale which ends up potentially worth a small fortune. Features a Godfather pastiche fantasy sequence in which Bob is gunned down by a clown.

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