Combat! Season 3

Season 3 (1964)

War & PoliticsDrama

Score: 7.5/10 from 15 votes
First Air Date: 1964-09-15
Last Air Date: 1967-03-14
Total Seasons: 5
Total Episodes: 152
Serie Status: Ended

Season 3 Episodes

Episode 1 Mountain Man (1964-09-15)
An embittered deserter is bribed into Saundes' squad across the mountains. They are captured by Germans and left to freeze, but manage a daring escape.
Episode 2 Vendetta (1964-09-22)
Hanley and the men are rescued by a Greek colonel and his men.
Episode 3 Point of View (1964-09-29)
Saunders faces a possible court-martial after a machine gun sergeant accuses him of bad judgment under fire when two of his men are killed.
Episode 4 The Duel (1964-10-06)
The Germans, caught in an allied pincer movement, launch an all out assault on the American lines.
Episode 5 Silver Service (1964-10-13)
Sent to the rear to recover from injuries, Kirby and Caje encounter Harry White, a dice cheating schemer who has been fighting the war from a bar stool.
Episode 6 The Hard Way Back (1964-10-20)
During a barrage, Saunders is trapped under a beam and the only man who can rescue him is Pvt. Kogan. The scared Kogan abandons Saunders as the enemy moves into town.
Episode 7 Operation Fly Trap (1964-10-27)
Bringing a wounded doe to safety, Saunders, Caje, and communication Sergent Meider stumble upon a Germen patrol setting up a radio center.
Episode 8 The Little Carousel (1964-11-10)
In a newly liberated French town Saunders is reluctant to accept the ministrations of a courageous thirteen year old girl whose one ambition is to serve the troops as a nurse.
Episode 9 Fly Away Home (1964-11-17)
Sgt. Keeley has lost faith in humanity and invests all his devotion to his carrier pigeons, which he has trained for military use.
Episode 10 The Impostor (1964-11-24)
Hanley must take the place of a G-2 officer on a mission to spy on a German HQ. One of the three men he must meet has killed an American that Kirby recognized and took his unifom.
Episode 11 A Gift of Hope (1964-12-01)
Saunders learns that his hero and role-model has feet of clay.Sergeant Avery, thought killed in action shows up alive and well. and must clear himself of suspicion of desertion.
Episode 12 A Rare Vintage (1964-12-08)
Caje needs the help of a French civilian to try and rescue an injured and captured Hanley. Other regulars: Saunders & Doc (2).
Episode 13 The Long Walk (1964-12-15)
The squad picks up a wounded GI, who is really the leader of a specially trained group of German infiltrators.
Episode 14 The Town That Went Away (1964-12-22)
Hanley and men are sent to evacuate the town of Bonnaire which is targeted for German attack. But the mayor, his three beautiful daughters, and the township people thwart Hanley's every effort.
Episode 15 Birthday Cake (1964-12-29)
Littlejohn receives a birthday cake from his mother, with the explicit instructions not to open it until the 21st. He carries it on a dangerous patro; into enemy territory.
Episode 16 The Enemy (1965-01-05)
Hanley reluctantly accepts a captured German lieutenant's offer to disarm the mines his men have hidden. (60 mins)
Episode 17 The Cassock (1965-01-12)
A German captain is ordered to blow up a bridge that the Americans will use to enter a French town, but Saunders' squad moves in before he can complete his mission
Episode 18 Losers Cry Deal (1965-01-19)
Saunders assigns Caje as acting squad leader for 3rd squad till the replacement Sergeant arrives.
Episode 19 More Than a Soldier (1965-01-26)
Saunders and a young soldier, Private Carey, are in a fight for their lives against the Germans. But Carey has never killed anyone or any thing, and will not defend himself.
Episode 20 Brother, Brother (1965-02-02)
Eddie Cane, a cocky replacement, is anxious to join platoon with his old friend "Wild Man" Kirby. Cane's older brother was Kirby's best pal back home.
Episode 21 The Steeple (1965-02-09)
Saunders, Caje, and Kirby try to rescue a paratrooper captain before he is spotted by the Germans.
Episode 22 The Convict (1965-02-16)
A German Bombardment strikes a prison releasing convicted criminals into the countryside. One unscrupulous convict assumes the identity of a French resistance fighter.
Episode 23 Dateline (1965-02-23)
After losing a superior office in the field, Saunders and squad allow themselves to be captured by the enemy to liberate a famous American correspondent being held by the Germans.
Episode 24 A Walk With an Eagle (1965-03-02)
Hanley takes three men into enemy territory to rescue a U>S> flying ace who has parachuted to safety.
Episode 25 The Long Wait (1965-03-09)
A German machine gun pins down Saunders and company, along with four seriously wounded GIs, a truck full of munitions, and a truck driver.
Episode 26 The Tree of Moray (1965-03-16)
Hanley's efforts to bring to London a Frenchman with information valuable to the Allies is hampered by a lynching party that wants him for themselves.
Episode 27 Cry in the Ruins (1965-03-23)
A desperate woman searches for her missing baby as American and German soldiers watch helplessly from opposite ends of the street.
Episode 28 The Hell Machine (1965-03-30)
When their jeep hits a land mine, Saunders, a tank captain, and private Gavin attempt to maneuver an abandoned German tank through enemy territory.
Episode 29 Billy the Kid (1965-04-06)
Lieutenant William Benton, the son of celebrated General Bull Benton, leads a mission to locate a big artillery piece that is cutting up the American lines.
Episode 30 Heritage (1965-04-13)
Corporal Velásquez is assigned to Hanleys outfit with orders to destroy a German observation post.
Episode 31 Odyssey (1965-04-20)
Saunders trapped behind enemy lines passes himself off as a shell shocked German corporal.
Episode 32 Beneath the Ashes (1965-04-27)
Hanley does not recall a private from patrol until the news that his wife is dying is confirmed. (At which time he will get an emergency leave.) But by then patrol is trapped and hiding in a basement.

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