Combat! Season 2

Season 2 (1963)

War & PoliticsDrama

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First Air Date: 1963-09-17
Last Air Date: 1967-03-14
Total Seasons: 5
Total Episodes: 152
Serie Status: Ended

Season 2 Episodes

Episode 1 Bridge at Chalons (1963-09-17)
Lee Marvin guest stars as a sergeant in command of a small demolition team that Saunders and his squad is ordered to take behind German lines to destroy a bridge. Lee Marvin does not believe the squad is large enough to handle the job of getting him to the bridge and back alive. He requests a platoon but is refused by Lieutenant Hanley. Marvin submits but has a huge chip on his shoulder due to a close friend being killed while on a similar mission. He has no confidence in Saunders or his men to get the job done and frequently ridicules them during the mission.
Episode 2 Bridgehead (1963-09-24)
Hanley orders Saunders and his squad to take a bridge which is guarded by a heavily fortified house. Nick Adams guest stars as a self-centered wise-cracking private who only cares about saving his own skin. He reveals during the episode that he is a jazz drummer and is soon to be leaving the front to play in an army band entertaining troops and wants to be sure he keeps himself in one piece. In the end he sacrifices his life to complete the mission he ridiculed.
Episode 3 Masquerade (1963-10-01)
James Coburn guest stars as a ruthless German spy masquerading as an American G.I. in order to get into an American Batallion HQ to create havoc. The jeep he is in hits a land mine and Coburn's German Officer is wounded. Saunders and his squad bring him and the two other German infiltrators back to their Company HQ for first aid. Saunders slowly begins to suspect there is something wrong as Coburn's character makes slight mistakes while speaking and interacting with the other men.
Episode 4 The Long Way Home (1) (1963-10-08)
Returning from patrol, Saunders and his men are captured by a platoon of German SS. They take the squad back to their base to be interrogated by their commander, an SS Captain played by Richard Basehart. Simon Oakland also guest stars as an American sergeant already held captive by the Germans.
Episode 5 The Long Way Home (2) (1963-10-15)
Episode 6 The Wounded Don't Cry (1963-10-22)
Episode 7 Doughboy (1963-10-29)
Eddie Albert guest stars as an American WWI veteran living in France with his French wife he met while soldiering in the previous war. During the shelling from a Big German gun nearby he becomes confused and believes he is still fighting WWI.
Episode 8 Glow Against the Sky (1963-11-05)
Episode 9 The Little Jewel (1963-11-12)
All the squad except Kirby take to an orphan boy named Bizzue. When Caje is captured by the Kurts, the others begin to think just maybe Kirby is right.
Episode 10 A Distant Drum (1963-11-19)
Episode 11 Anatomy of a Patrol (1963-11-26)
Episode 12 Ambush (1963-12-03)
When the men arrive in a town the French shoot a man for collaborating and his daughter blames the Americans - who later learn he was actually an undercover allied agent. Regulars: Saunders, Hanley, Kirby, Caje, Billy Nelson, Littlejohn, Doc 2.
Episode 13 Barrage (1963-12-10)
Episode 14 Thunder from the Hill (1963-12-17)
Episode 15 The Party (1963-12-24)
Episode 16 Gideon's Army (1963-12-31)
Episode 17 The Pillbox (1964-01-07)
Episode 18 The General and the Sergeant (1964-01-14)
Episode 19 Eyes of the Hunter (1964-01-21)
Episode 20 The Hostages (1964-01-28)
Suander And Caje are held hostage by two Germans while Doc try and get a vehical to get them out of town. When they get out of town Doc learns why the Germans wanted them for. He trys to stop them by recking the ambulance. We he does Caje get a broke leg and the German in the back get killed. When the 1 German have Doc & Saunders leave an injored Caje behind, Doc get a chance to jump him in the fight Doc kills the german with his bear hands.Saunders bring Doc to reality by letting Doc know he is wounded.
Episode 21 Mail Call (1964-02-04)
Episode 22 Counter-Punch (1964-02-11)
Episode 23 A Silent Cry (1964-02-18)
Episode 24 The Hunter (1964-02-25)
Episode 25 What Are the Bugles Blowin' For? (1) (1964-03-03)
In this 2 partter Saunders and his men have to get the retreat message to a British troupe behind enemy lines. The British Captain uses his authority to keep Saunders and his men to help him fight the Germans
Episode 26 What Are the Bugles Blowin' For? (2) (1964-03-10)
Episode 27 Weep No More (1964-03-17)
Episode 28 The Short Day of Private Putnam (1964-03-24)
Pvt. Putnam (Putt) is a 15 year old run away. He lies to cover up his age and the fact that he is a green recruit. A friend tells Hanley he is only 15. When he panic he nearly get the Sarge & himself killed. At the end his hobby saves the day.
Episode 29 Rescue (1964-03-31)
Episode 30 Command (1964-04-07)
Episode 31 Infant of Prague (1964-04-14)
Lt Hanley and his me run into 4 Nuns looking for the American to get help for their Mother Sappier. The men must try and get the Nuns and themselves out of the town before the Germans get to the town. The old Nun goes after a statue. Sending Lt. Hanley and Caje back into the town full of Germans and right to the Germans HQ.
Episode 32 The Glory Among Men (1964-04-21)
When the 1 person in the squad that is diliked by most of the men is wonded,The Germans uses him a bait to try & get then men come after him. Order come in come to leave him if it not possible to retrive him. 1 person don't want to leave Mason behind. The squad then try to save Mason.

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