Grimm Season 0

Specials (2011)


Score: 7.2/10 from 719 votes
First Air Date: 2011-10-10
Last Air Date: 2017-03-31
Total Seasons: 6
Total Episodes: 123
Serie Status: Ended

Season 0 Episodes

Episode 1 Grimm Sneak Peek (2011-10-10)
Executive Producer Sean Hayes joins the show's cast and crew as they pull back the curtain on the secret world of fairytales in this behind-the-scenes sneak peek of Grimm.
Episode 2 20 Minute Extended Preview (2011-10-20)
Episode 3 Fairytales (2011-10-28)
The cast explain how the new drama series "Grimm" is inspired by the classic, and sometimes terrifying, Grimm's Fairy Tales.
Episode 4 Bad Hair Day: Part 1 - A Sore Subject (2013-01-16)
Bud Wurstner shows up at the Spice Shop to meet Monroe and Rosalee, whom Nick Burkhardt recommended he see regarding his hair loss problem. Bud asks if Rosalee has a remedy for hair loss for his "friend", and satisfied with their answer, he excitedly leaves.
Episode 5 Bad Hair Day: Part 2 - A Helping Hand (2013-01-16)
Rosalee employs the help of Monroe in making the hair regrowth formula.
Episode 6 Bad Hair Day: Part 3 - Friendly Neighborhood Eisbiber (2013-01-16)
Bud returns to thank Monroe and Rosalee for preparing the formula "for his friend". Rosalee also tries Monroe's "creative" baking, which involved making a dandelion-seaweed cookie.
Episode 7 Bad Hair Day: Part 4 - Late Night Crisis (2013-01-16)
Bud comes into Rosalee's shop panicking because his hair (and his friend's hair) is growing out of control.

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