Da Vinci's Inquest Season 5

Season 5 (2002)


Score: 6.5/10 from 2 votes
First Air Date: 2002-10-27
Last Air Date: 2005-01-23
Total Seasons: 7
Total Episodes: 91
Serie Status: Ended


Season 5 Episodes

Episode 1 A Big Whiff of A Real Bad Smell (2002-10-27)
Da Vinci investigates a deadly house fire, while Leary and Shannon try to solve a case involving a missing person.
Episode 2 Ass Covering Day (2002-11-03)
Da Vinci investigates the death of a man who was crushed by a parking-garage door. Meanwhile, Shannon and Leary search for suspects involved in a suspicious death.
Episode 3 A Big Enough Fan (2002-11-10)
Da Vinci investigates a cemetery with remains buried together, and declares it a crime scene. Meanwhile, a man claims that ahomeless man killed his wife, and another man is injured in a suspicious house fire.
Episode 4 Run By The Monkeys (2002-11-17)
Da Vinci becomes suspicious of a man who survived two house fires. Meanwhile, Shannon and Leary investigate a double murder.
Episode 5 At First It Was Funny (2002-12-01)
Kosmo investigates the fatal shooting of a drug dealer. Meanwhile, Da Vinci has difficulty with his house-fire investigation, and Leary and Shannon search for suspects in a gas-station robbery.
Episode 6 Dizzy Looking Down (2002-12-08)
Leary and Shannon investigate whether a hermit killed his wife. Meanwhile, Da Vinci looks into the death of a man who appears to have fallen out of the sky.
Episode 7 God Forbid We Call It What It Is (2003-01-12)
Da Vinci uncovers some disturbing information about one of the commingled bodies. Meanwhile, Kosmo finds more evidence that a cop may be involved in a drug dealer's death and Rose continues to help Shannon and Leary in their search for a killer.
Episode 8 Doing The Chicken Scratch (2003-01-19)
After a drinking binge, Leary scrambles to piece together the events of the previous night, leaving Shannon and Rose to have to work together. Meanwhile, Da Vinci thinks he knows who's responsible for commingling the bodies at the cemetery.
Episode 9 For Just Bein' Indian (2003-01-26)
A fatal crash is linked to Rose and Shannon's robbery-homicide case. Meanwhile, unreliable witnesses plague Da Vinci's investigation into the commingled bodies.
Episode 10 Dogs Don't Bite People (2003-02-02)
Da Vinci is called to a fishing boat after a crew member is found dead in his bunk. Meanwhile, Kosmo encounters some obstacles as she continues to search for the killer of a small-time drug dealer.
Episode 11 The Ducks Are Too Depressing (2003-02-09)
Da Vinci and Zack have different theories about a possible hit and run. Meanwhile, Leary and Shannon try to figure out what happened to a cabbie found dead in his taxi.
Episode 12 You Got Monkey Chatter (2003-02-23)
Da Vinci investigates a homicide after a body is found amongst some blackberry bushes. Meanwhile, Laura Maitland creates new problems for Kurtz.
Episode 13 Everybody Needs A Working Girl (2003-02-23)
Shannon and Leary investigate the death of a woman whose body is found in the trunk of her car. Meanwhile, Da Vinci and Kosmo deal with a single, welfare mother.

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