Da Vinci's Inquest Season 4

Season 4 (2001)


Score: 6.5/10 from 2 votes
First Air Date: 2001-09-30
Last Air Date: 2005-01-23
Total Seasons: 7
Total Episodes: 91
Serie Status: Ended


Season 4 Episodes

Episode 1 Too Late For Mr. Early (2001-09-30)
Working with Shannon and Leary, Da Vinci investigates an apparent suicide in the woods of an ex-convict released on day parole. Patricia starts her new job as a professor at the university. Sunny finds some artifacts of interest in historic Chinatown. Detective Kosmo tries a new approach to an old unsolved case.
Episode 2 Oppenheimer Park (2001-10-14)
Da Vinci has to track down a body that is stolen conspicuously from the death scene. Shannon and Leary investigate an elderly woman found dead in the washroom of Vancouver's most notorious park.
Episode 3 Banging on the Wall (2001-10-21)
An eight year old's mysterious death leaves Da Vinci demanding answers. Shannon and Leary look into the double shooting of a stripper and a bouncer.
Episode 4 Cheap Aftershave (2001-10-28)
A detained Chinese boat migrant dies while on a hunger strike. Da Vinci investigates. Shannon and Leary's prime suspect is a possible stalker as they continue their investigation of a double homicide.
Episode 5 Ugly Quick (2001-11-04)
An officer is shot dead and Detective Leary is in the hot seat. Da Vinci and Kurtz investigate the circumstances surrounding the police shooting.
Episode 6 Birds Have Been At Her (2001-11-11)
When a dead woman is found floating at sea in a small boat, Da Vinci is called in to investigate. Shannon and Leary probe the disappearance of a young pregnant woman.
Episode 7 Shoulda Been A Priest (2001-11-18)
Da Vinci's morning is swamped when a young man is found in a rail yard boxcar and a body washes up under the Burrard Street Bridge. While performing an autopsy with her students, Patricia uncovers some new evidence that may help Detective Kosmo.
Episode 8 Sixes and Sevens (2001-12-02)
Traffic Inspector Zack Mc Nab calls in Da Vinci to investigate a suspicious highway accident that's missing a driver. Shannon and Leary look into the murder of an elderly lady in a west end penthouse. Kosmo runs into a dead end with her prime suspect in the case of the missing prostitutes.
Episode 9 Be A Cruel Twist (2002-01-06)
A fire in a basement claims two lives and Da Vinci is there to investigate. Shannon and Leary are called to the dig site in Chinatown when Sunny makes a new discovery. An abandoned eastside house may provide the answer to Kosmo's questions.
Episode 10 Simple, Sad (2002-01-13)
Gina asks Da Vinci to look into the hospital death of an infant. Danny Leary joins the undercover operation to get close with the wife of Kosmo's prime suspect.
Episode 11 Pretend You Didn't See Me (2002-01-20)
At Vancouver's most notorious street corner, Da Vinci tries to track down the next of kin of a recent suicide, but is called to investigate the bizarre falling death of a schizophrenic man.
Episode 12 Gather Up All The Little People (2002-01-21)
Da Vinci looks into the suicide of an eleven year-old boy in an amusement park. Undercover detective Danny Leary pushes for a confession as time is running out on Kosmo's missing women operation.
Episode 13 In The Bear Pit (2002-01-21)
Zack calls in Da Vinci when a body is found in the trunk of a car at the scene of an accident. Shannon and Leary investigate the death of a man found in the Stanley Park Zoo's deserted bear pit.

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