Da Vinci's Inquest Season 3

Season 3 (2000)


Score: 6.5/10 from 2 votes
First Air Date: 2000-10-04
Last Air Date: 2005-01-23
Total Seasons: 7
Total Episodes: 91
Serie Status: Ended


Season 3 Episodes

Episode 1 That's the Way the Story Goes (2000-10-04)
Da Vinci ""tilts at windmills"" while investigating a death on the streets of his beloved downtown eastside. Shannon and Leary pursue an enigmatic double murder.
Episode 2 Bring Back the Dead (2000-10-11)
A death in custody is reported, but the prison warden says that no one's died. Da Vinci investigates. Shannon and Leary lead the homicide team in the search for a young boy who disappears after his mother is beaten to death.
Episode 3 It's a Bad Corner (2000-10-18)
Da Vinci is challenged by the father of a young woman killed in a fire. When a squeegee kid is killed, Shannon and Leary don't have much to go on except the observations of an unreliable witness.
Episode 4 Do You Wanna Dance (2000-10-25)
Da Vinci and Kosmo unravel the relationship between a young boxer and his mother's abusive boyfriend. Shannon and Leary pursue another cabbie murder. Patricia and Bobby Marlowe teach a group of medical students the nuances of crime scene investigation.
Episode 5 The Hottest Place in Hell (2000-11-08)
Da Vinci prepares for an inquest into a propane truck accident. Will a reluctant witness stop him from finding out what really happened? A skeleton is discovered in the Grandview Cut, Kosmo and Leary go undercover to investigate.
Episode 6 This Shit Is Evil (2000-11-15)
Da Vinci investigates the death of a man left to die outside the emergency room. The whole homicide team is called in when an infant is abducted from her nursery.
Episode 7 An Act of God (2000-11-22)
A decomposed body in the back of a stolen truck puts Shannon and Leary on the trail of a bounty hunter. A young man dies working for his father's contruction company: Da Vinci investigates. Kosmo helps a woman who thinks her husband is an imposter.
Episode 8 All Tricked Up (2000-11-29)
When the body of a woman is discovered in a trunk shipped across the border, Da Vinci is called in to investigate. Shannon and Leary pursue the killer of a pool hustler burned to death in a car fire.
Episode 9 Better Broke Than Naked (2001-01-09)
Da Vinci leads the search for the body of a boy who fell into a river. Is there something more to the death than just a tragic accident? Kosmo investigates a man whose wife has disappeared. A doctor is shot on his way to a clinic. Shannon and Leary chase down his killer.
Episode 10 You See How It Begins? (2001-01-16)
A jockey is found dead in a stall at the race track. Da Vinci investigates. A former member of the Guatemalan secret police claims to be dying after being attacked at a bus stop. Pursuing the attacker, Leary confronts the harsh truth about the victim's past.
Episode 11 It's Backwards Day (2001-01-23)
In this real-time episode, a hit and run in an alley on the downtown Eastside and a shooting at a convenience store put Da Vinci, Shannon and Leary in a high-pressure situation.
Episode 12 The Sparkle Tour (2001-01-30)
After a downtown Eastside activist is found dead, Da Vinci is approached by a witness who last saw the victim getting into a police cruiser. A woman is found dead in a dumpster with no signs of what killed her. Kosmo and Winston investigate.
Episode 13 I'm an Anomaly and an Anachronism, but I'm Alone (2001-02-06)
Patricia, Sunny and Da Vinci give conflicting testimony in a murder trial. Da Vinci, Shannon, and Leary investigate the shooting death of a cancer patient.

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