Medium Season 2

Score: 6.8/10 from 135 votes
First Air Date: 2005-09-19
Last Air Date: 2011-01-21
Total Seasons: 7
Total Episodes: 130
Serie Status: Ended

Season 2 Episodes

Episode 1 When Push Comes to Shove, Part 2 (2005-09-19)
While Capt. Push lingers between life and death, Allison struggles to decipher confusing messages from the other side in an attempt to stop a serial killer before he claims his next victim.
Episode 2 The Song Remains the Same (2005-09-26)
All outside noise is drowned out as a popular song is continuously played very loud, and only in Allison's head. The song gives Allison clues to the whereabouts of a missing coed.
Episode 3 Time Out of Mind (2005-10-03)
Allison dreams that she's a woman who's been committed to a mental institution in 1959. After viewing taped sessions from the clinic, Allison discovers that the woman from her dream had made claims of being Allison DuBois, living in 2005.
Episode 4 Light Sleeper (2005-10-10)
Allison's recent habit of sleepwalking keeps landing her in dangerous situations. This leaves her exhausted while she hurries to solve a kidnapping case before it's too late.
Episode 5 Sweet Dreams (2005-10-17)
Allison is having dreams about an old high school friend and decides to find her. Meanwhile a man seeks the district attorney's help in finding his daughter who has been missing for a week.
Episode 6 Dead Aim (2005-10-24)
Allison helps the district attorney put away a murderer whose lawyer is also using a psychic....
Episode 7 Judge, Jury, & Executioner (2005-11-07)
Joe serves his jury duty on a case against a man accused of murdering his rich wife. Allison starts having visions about the man but D.A. Devalos orders her not to work on the case because of a conflict of interests.
Episode 8 Too Close to Call (2005-11-14)
Allison has a vision that could jeopardize D.A. Devalos' chances for re-election. Meanwhile, Joe runs into an ex-girlfriend from college.
Episode 9 Still Life (2005-11-21)
Allison is lead to an art gallery where she encounters the art of a popular artist. While looking at some of his paintings 3-dimensional images emerge that make her believe that the artist is somehow involved in a crime. Joe gets a job offer from a former co-worker. – this episode is partly in 3D
Episode 10 The Reckoning (2005-11-28)
Allison dreams about hitting a girl with her car and a woman who's house is haunted. She finds out that the woman killed herself. Now Allison is trying to put all the pieces together.
Episode 11 Method to His Madness (2006-01-02)
Allison can't get a psychotic murderer out of her head which makes Joe worry about his daughters' well-being.
Episode 12 Doctor's Orders (2006-01-09)
The spirit of the doctor from episode 1-15 is back and after Allison's daughter Ariel.
Episode 13 Raising Cain (2006-01-23)
Allison helps with the location of a missing child. Afterwards she gets a vision about the child's future and is not sure anymore what she should do to help the child.
Episode 14 A Changed Man (2006-02-06)
Allison gets a minor concussion when slipping in the bathtub. When she goes to get an MRI she has a strange vision about a man she just met.
Episode 15 Sweet Child O' Mine (2006-02-27)
Allison has problems with staying impartial about a case when she develops maternal feelings for a teenage boy who is accused of killing his former boss. Bridget finds a stray dog and want's to keep it.
Episode 16 Allison Wonderland (2006-03-06)
Allisons helps the District Attorney trying to find a missing brother of a close friend. She becomes paranoid about antiterrorist agents from the government. Joe gets uneasy when he suspects that Bridget might be communicating with a dead author.
Episode 17 Lucky in Love (2006-03-13)
Allison dreams that her brother was involved in a local bank robbery. Her suspicions grow when he unexpectedly shows up in town and gets involved with a con woman.
Episode 18 S.O.S. (2006-04-17)
Allison investigates apparently random killings, endangering her family in the process. Bridget has to do a class presentation about her mom's job.
Episode 19 Knowing Her (2006-04-24)
Three girls are found murdered. Allison's visions connect Det. Scanlon with the case.
Episode 20 The Darkness Is Light Enough (2006-05-01)
Allison repeatedly dreams about a woman who is being watched by a stranger in her bedroom.
Episode 21 Death Takes a Policy (2006-05-08)
Allison is busy investigating the death of a local doctor when a man claiming to be "Death" begins appearing in her visions, causing her to worry that maybe her time on this world is nearly over.
Episode 22 Twice Upon a Time (2006-05-22)
Allison dreams of the life she could have had if she'd become the attorney she originally wanted to be.

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