Due South Season 1

Season 1 (1994)

Action & Adventure

Score: 7.5/10 from 30 votes
First Air Date: 1994-09-22
Last Air Date: 1998-03-14
Total Seasons: 4
Total Episodes: 66
Serie Status: Ended

Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1 Free Willie (1994-09-22)
Fraser convinces Ray to help him save a young purse snatcher named Willie from the thugs that are after him.
Episode 2 Diefenbaker's Day Off (1994-09-29)
Fraser agrees to help six-year-old Lucy, who is worried about all the accidents her father Charlie is having.
Episode 3 Manhunt (1994-10-06)
Julie Frobisher enlists Fraser's help in finding her father, who has gone missing one week before his retirement.
Episode 4 They Eat Horses, Don't They? (1994-10-13)
Fraser realises that the meat in a local market is actually horsemeat and he and Ray discover a number of recent poisonings in the Chicago area.
Episode 5 Pizzas and Promises (1994-10-20)
After Lenny the pizza boy gets his car stolen, Fraser goes undercover as a used car salesmen to take down a ring of car thieves.
Episode 6 Chinatown (1994-10-27)
Fraser overhears a crime while in Chinatown and he and Ray learn that the kidnapping was an attempt to stop the Chinese mob from taking over the neighborhood.
Episode 7 Chicago Holiday (1) (1994-11-10)
Fraser agrees to babysit the teenage daughter of a Canadian diplomat while they are in Chicago, but Christina turns out to be harder to handle than he thought.
Episode 8 Chicago Holiday (2) (1994-11-17)
Fraser chases Christina around Chicago, even ending up in a BDSM nightclub while they try to elude the man who is looking for Christina.
Episode 9 A Cop, a Mountie, and a Baby (1994-12-01)
Fraser convinces Ray to let him track down an abandoned baby's real parents rather than automatically turn the infant over to CPS.
Episode 10 The Gift of the Wheelman (1994-12-15)
Fraser realises that the only witness to a bank robbery committed by Santa Clauses is protecting his father and tries to save both the man and his son.
Episode 11 You Must Remember This (1995-01-05)
Ray meets the woman of his dreams after he is the victim of a hit and run but soon realises she's an international arms dealer.
Episode 12 A Hawk and a Handsaw (1995-01-19)
Fraser saves a man from suicide at a local psychiatric hospital and soon realises that his words aren't merely the rantings of a mental patient.
Episode 13 An Eye for an Eye (1995-02-02)
Fraser tries to do a good deed by encouraging senior citizens to stand up for their rights but spurs one elderly man into vigilantism.
Episode 14 The Man Who Knew Too Little (1995-02-09)
Fraser and Ray try to escort pathological liar Ian MacDonald back to Canada but there's a certain criminal element that is very interested in him not crossing the border.
Episode 15 The Wild Bunch (1995-02-16)
Diefenbaker is ordered to be exterminated after he bites a dog catcher but Fraser is determined to find out why his gentle wolf bit a human.
Episode 16 The Blue Line (1995-03-09)
Fraser and Ray try to protect his childhood friend Mark, now a famous hockey player, but Fraser is disappointed to learn that it's become all about the money for Mark.
Episode 17 The Deal (1995-03-30)
Fraser and Ray investigate the robbery of a church poor-box after mobster Frank Zuko makes some demands to the higher power, but both Ray and Fraser feel for the thief, who was driven out of business by Zuko.
Episode 18 An Invitation to Romance (1995-04-06)
Fraser is forced to follow a woman all over the city after she gets an envelope that wasn't meant for her which enrages the woman's extremely jealous fiancé.
Episode 19 Heaven and Earth (1995-04-24)
Fraser uses his amazing sense of smell to track down Garret, a homeless man believed to have information about the kidnapping of a young woman. Ray worries that Francesca and Fraser slept together.
Episode 20 Victoria's Secret (1) (1995-05-11)
Fraser reunites with Victoria, the only woman he ever loved but was forced to arrest years earlier. Their time is limited, however, as Victoria's old partner is after her, looking for the money he believes she stole from him.
Episode 21 Victoria's Secret (2) (1995-05-11)
Fraser ends up in hot water when Jolly ends up dead and Victoria disappears, with Fraser the only suspect in Jolly's murder.
Episode 22 Letting Go (1995-06-01)
Fraser, Ray and Diefenbaker investigate a series of crimes while Fraser is recovering from a gunshot wound. Fraser tries to forget about Victoria.

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