The Count of Monte Cristo Season 1

Last Air Date: 1956-09-03
Total Seasons: 2
Total Episodes: 39
Serie Status: Ended

Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1 The Affair of the Three Napoleons ()
A call for help, out of the Count's past, comes from the beautiful Renee, daughter of one of the Count's oldest friends.
Episode 2 The Pen and the Sword ()
The Count uncovers corruption in high places, when the Minister of Justice becomes the prime target for Monte Cristo's own brand of justice.
Episode 3 The De Berry Affair ()
When the Count foils a plot to assassinate King Louis, the trail leads to the King's niece, the Duchess De Berry.
Episode 4 The Black Death ()
When a plague strikes Paris and the Count finds the Minister of Health is fattening his own purse at the expense of the sick, can the Count expose him before the Minister's assassin strikes?
Episode 5 Affair of Honor ()
A duel between two hot-headed young men, both in love with the same girl, leads to the death of one of them, but who dipped the sword in poison? The Count must find the killer before the killer strikes at the Count.
Episode 6 First Train to Paris ()
Disaster strikes the first steam train to Paris, but when he finds that it was reported in the press 6 hours before the explosion, the Count investigates.
Episode 7 The Sardinia Affair ()
The Count sails to the Island of Sardinia in response to an urgent plea from his loyal comrade Mario, but when the Count arrives he finds Mario dead, shot through the back with an arrow.
Episode 8 Return to the Chateau D'If (1956-09-28)
When the young Duke of Renoldi is abducted and thrown into prison, the Count finds he must return to the very dungeons that held him prisoner for 12 long years.
Episode 9 The Golden Blade (1956-11-09)
When the Army Paymaster's gold shipment to Calais is robbed by bandits, a young sergeant is accused of the crime. The Count is convinced of his innocence, and must save the sergeant from the guillotine.
Episode 10 Andorra (1956-11-23)
Receiving an urgent request for help from his old friend the Duke of Andorra, the Count arrives to find the Duke dead, murdered by his ambitious brother. The Count must now protect the Duke's children from their venomous uncle.
Episode 11 The Duel (1956-11-16)
Four men have been marked to die, one by one. Provoked by insults in public, each fought a duel and died, the last being a friend of Monte Cristo. Now the Count must find out the reason behind the duels.
Episode 12 Victor Hugo (1956-09-21)
A onetime galley slave, suspected of attempting to murder the playwright Victor Hugo, is seized by the Paris police. Only the Count is convinced of his innocence, and he must uncover the guilty party.

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