Mega Man: Upon a Star

Mega Man: Upon a Star (1993)


Japan is in grave danger! Megaman must prevent Dr. Wily from destroying Japan as we know it. But how? With a little knowledge of Japanese culture and geography, Megaman and his pals will try to stay one step ahead od the mad scientist. But will they be able to defeat Dr. Wily in time to save children's day? Or to avert the worst typhoon in history? Or to keep Mt. Fuji from erupting again? Don't miss this trio of terrific adventures! This volume includes these action-packed episodes: 'Appearance in Japan,' 'Wish Upon a Star,' and 'Future Beware.' Megaman, we're counting on you!

First Air Date: 1993-06-08
Last Air Date: 1995-09-15
Total Seasons: 1
Total Episodes: 3
Status: Ended

All Seasons

Season 1
First air date: 1993-06-08


Hekiru Shiina
as Rockman
Satomi Kourogi
as Roll
Kenichi Ogata
as Dr. Wily
Hiroshi Naka
as Dr. Light
Rie Iwatsubo
as Yuuta Kobayashi
Urara Takano
as Blues
Yuri Shiratori
as Akane
Wataru Takagi
as Rush


Directing Katsumi Minoguchi Director
Writing Akira Okeya Writer