Lewis & Clark - The Journey of the Corps of Discovery

Lewis & Clark - The Journey of the Corps of Discovery (1997)


Lewis & Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery tells the remarkable story of the entire Corps of Discovery – not just of the two Captains, but the young army men, French-Canadian boatmen, Clark’s African-American slave, and the Shoshone woman named Sacajawea, who brought along her infant son. As important to the story as these many characters, however, was the spectacular land itself, and the promises it held.

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First Air Date: 1997-11-04
Last Air Date: 1997-11-05
Total Seasons: 1
Total Episodes: 2
Status: Ended
Network: PBS


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Season 1
First air date: 1997-11-03


Hal Holbrook
as Narrator (voice)
Adam Arkin
as Merriwether Lewis (voice)
Matthew Broderick
as John Ordway (voice)
Murphy Guyer
as William Clark (voice)
Sam Waterston
as Thomas Jefferson (voice)
John Logan Allen
as Himself - Geographer
Stephen Ambrose
as Himself - Historian
Gerard Baker
as Himself - Mandan-Hidatsa
Kevin Conway
as Patrick Gass
Erica Funkhouser
as Herself - Writer
William Least Heat-Moon
as Himself - Writer
Gene Jones
as Joseph Whitehouse
Mylie Lawyer
as Herself - Descendant of Twisted Hair
James P. Ronda
as Himself - Historian
Dayton Duncan
as Himself - Writer


Directing Ken Burns Director
Writing Dayton Duncan Writer
Production Dayton Duncan Producer
Production Ken Burns Producer
Editing Dayton Duncan Editor
Editing Erik W. Ewers Editor