La que se avecina

La que se avecina (2007)


La que se avecina is a Spanish television comedy created by Alberto Caballero, Laura Caballero and Daniel Deorador. The TV-series focusing around the inhabitants of Mirador de Montepinar, a fictional building located on the outskirts of a big city. Both its storylines and cast are heavily based on Aquí no hay quien viva, which ended when Telecinco bought Miramón Mendi, the series production company. The episodes debuted on the Telecinco network, and were later rerun by the same network as well as cable/satellite channels FactoríaDeFicción and Paramount Comedy. The series debuted in 22 April 2007 and became popular thanks to its funny characters, witty script, use of catchphrases and capacity to integrate and poke fun at contemporary issues; the program presents a caustic satire of many of the 'types' found in Spanish society. The name of the show involves wordplay, as "vecina" is the Spanish word for neighbour.

Score: 7.2/10 from 20 votes
First Air Date: 2007-04-22
Last Air Date: 2019-12-18
Total Seasons: 12
Total Episodes: 154
Status: Returning Series
In Production: 1
Network: Telecinco

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Season 1
First air date: 2007-04-21
Season 2
First air date: 2008-04-02
Season 3
First air date: 2009-06-09
Season 4
First air date: 2009-12-30
Season 5
First air date: 2011-04-30
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First air date: 2012-10-01
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First air date: 2013-12-02
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First air date: 2014-10-13
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First air date: 2016-04-05
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First air date: 2017-10-04
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First air date: 2019-04-24
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Jordi Sánchez
as Antonio Recio
Nacho Guerreros
as Coque Calatrava
Fernando Tejero
as Fermín Trujillo
José Luis Gil
as Enrique Pastor
Pablo Chiapella
as Amador Rivas
Ricardo Arroyo
as Vicente Maroto
Macarena Gómez
as Lola Trujillo
Victor Palmero
as Alba Recio
Eva Isanta
as Maite Figueroa
Petra Martínez
as Fina Palomares
Antonio Pagudo
as Javier Maroto
Vanesa Romero
as Raquel Villanueva
Nathalie Seseña
as Berta Escobar
Cristina Medina
as Nines Chacón
Luis Merlo
as Bruno Quiroga
Miren Ibarguren
as Yoli Morcillo
Loles León
as Menchu Carrascosa
Ernesto Sevilla
as Teodoro Rivas