The Care Bears

The Care Bears (1986)

AnimationSci-Fi & Fantasy

The Care Bears live in a faraway place up in the clouds called Care-a-Lot. They travel around the world on Missions in Caring, whilst evil villains such as Professor Coldheart and Lord No Heart, try to thwart their plans.

Score: 6.2/10 from 31 votes
First Air Date: 1986-09-13
Last Air Date: 2004-10-05
Total Seasons: 7
Total Episodes: 164
Status: Ended
Network: ABC

All Seasons

Season 0
First air date: 1983-04-22
Season 1
First air date: 1986-09-13
Season 2
First air date: 1987-09-26
Season 3
First air date: 1988-04-30
Season 4
First air date: 1985-11-11
Season 5
First air date: 1986-11-01
Season 6
First air date: 1987-09-19
Season 7
First air date: 1985-03-23