Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night

The nightmare continue...

Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night (2010)


This Japan production spins-off the story of the first Paranormal Activity film by having the ghost from the first film follow a student back to her homeland after a visit to San Diego where she is tragically injured during a car accident. Back home in Japan, she is cared for by her brother, Koichi, who begins to suspect that something is amiss when his sister's wheelchair begins to move on its own. From there, the picture takes on the usual candid cam shocks of the series. Tokyo Night is notable for being an official part of the franchise (it was released in Japan two days before Paranormal Activity 2's release in the States), even though the U.S. has yet to see an official release.

Director: Toshikazu Nagae
Writer: Toshikazu Nagae

Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night Vodly
Vodly Score: 6/10 from 309 votes
Release Date: 2010-11-20
Status: Released
Run time: 91 min / 1:31
Budget: $1,350,000
Revenue: $4,160,000
Production Companies : Cinema Sunshine, IM Global, Presidio, Musashino Ad
Production Country: Japan


Aoi Nakamura
as Koichi Yamano
Noriko Aoyama
as Haruka Yamano
Kosuke Kujirai
as Jun Nagoshi
Ayako Yoshitani
as Kure Misuzu
Kazuyoshi Tsumura
as Shigeyuki Yamano
Maaya Morinaga
as Mai Yaguchi
Tōze Yamada
as Exorcist
Shinji Matsubayashi
as Exorcist's Assistant


Writing Toshikazu Nagae Screenplay
Directing Toshikazu Nagae Director
Crew Toru Hirao Cinematography
Production Yasutaka Hanada Producer
Production Takeshi Kase Producer
Production Kenichi Nakayama Producer

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