Il signor Max

Il signor Max (1937)

Vittorio De Sica, heir to a large sum of money and owner of a newspaper vending stall, makes enough money out of his business to take a vacation at a fashionable resort. He is given a cruise ticket by an aristocrat who is an old school friend, and is mistaken for the aristocrat when he uses a camera that has his friends name on it. Assia Noris plays a maid who falls in love with him because of who he is and not who others think he is. Happy ending comes when De Sica marries Noris, who is more real than the pampered society belles he has been partying with.

Director: Mario Camerini

Il signor Max Vodly
Vodly Score: 5/10 from 2 votes
Release Date: 1937-08-01
Status: Released


Vittorio De Sica
as Gianni
Assia Noris
as Lauretta
Rubi D'Alma
as Donna Paola
Lilia Dale
as Pucci
Caterina Collo
as Zia Lucia
Umberto Melnati
as Riccardo
Mario Casaleggio
as Zio Pietro
Virgilio Riento
as Pepe
Vivi Gioi
as Dolly


Directing Mario Camerini Director

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