Cosmoball (2020)

Science FictionAdventure

Cosmoball is a mesmerizing intergalactic game of future played between humans and aliens at the giant extraterrestrial ship hovering in the sky over Earth. A young man with enormous power of an unknown nature joins the team of hot-headed superheroes in exchange for a cure for his mother’s deadly illness. The Four from Earth will fight not only to defend the honor of their home planet in the spectacular game, but to face the unprecedented threat to the Galaxy and embrace their own destiny.

Director: Dzhanik Fayziev
Writers: Dzhanik Fayziev, Andrey Rubanov, Drew Row, Twister Murchison.

Cosmoball Vodly
Vodly Score: 6/10 from 85 votes
Release Date: 2020-08-27
Status: Released
Run time: 115 min / 1:55
Budget: $15,000,000
Production Companies : Bonanza Studios, Main Road Post, CTB Film Company, Cinema Fund, Russia 1, First Channel
Production Country: Russia


Evgeny Romantsov
as Anton
Mariya Lisovaya
as Valaya
Victoria Agalakova
as Natasha
Ivan Ivanovich
as Pele
Evgeny Mironov
as Belo
Hristina Blokhina
as amazon Vo
Valeriya Bukina
as amazon Bu
Elena Yakovleva
as Anton's mother
Mikhail Efremov
as Vasiliy
Dmitri Nazarov
as chief of police
Mikhail Stenin
as Vasiliy's assistant
Soslan Fidarov
as bedouin
Wolfgang Cerny
as bearded man with Times Square
Svetlana Ivanova
as bearded man's wife
Polina Stremousova
as vlyublennaya devochka
Ruslan Shchedrin
as vlyublennyy malchik
Olga Degtyaryova
as mother
Elizaveta Taychenacheva
as Fan
Yuliya Vinc
as amazon U
Dmitry Yartsev
as father
as Pele's fan
Artem Nechaev
as Natasha's fan
Stanislav Rogachev
as amazon Kho
Ekaterina Fisun
as brunette
Alexandra Veleskevich
as nosy girl
Kseniya Radchenko
as redhead girl
Arseniy Krakovskiy
as guy with the dreads
Evgeniy Kosyrev
as Sten
Lyudmila Goshko
as amazon in the Galactic Council
Konstantin Samoukov
as truck driver
Liya Mao
as girl with a lizard
Yang Ge
as mother of girl with a lizard
Svetlana Permyakova
as evil woman at stock exchange
Evgeniy Kurshinskiy
as water meter
Alexandra Cherkasova
as mother of girl with a respirator
Marta Timofeeva
as girl with a respirator
Vladimir Poglazov
as citizen
Ivan Fedotov
as enthusiastic spectator
Vladimir Gartsunov
as friend of the enthusiastic spectator
Ivan Egorov
as boy
Yuriy Sazonov
as policeman on duty
Pavel Dorofeev
as siriusian 1
Aleksey Pavlov
as siriusian 2
Elena Kotikhina
as mother of boys
Gennadiy Krakovskiy
as father of boys
Ivan Shmakov
as screaming boy
Kuzma Saprykin
as young people on the podium
Tatyana Skaredneva
as young people on the podium
Valeriya Dmitrieva
as young people on the podium
Lyubov Shevchenko
as young people on the podium
Georgiy Bestayev
as young people on the podium
Alyona Zotova
as frightened girl
Alexey Rakhmanov
as captain of the sirians
Diana Enakaeva
as girl on the podium
Yuriy Kutsenko
as red-faced guard
Ilya Kiporenko
as alien Crab
Ekaterina Dar
as Pele's fan
Konstantin Merezhnikov
as man with binoculars
Artem Chetverikov
as friend of the peasant with binoculars
Vitaly Chetkov
as man on which the plate falls
Yuliya Serina
as jealous wife on the podium
Oleg Blinov
as viewer with a piece of paper
Alexandr Dyrin
as viewer's friend with a piece of paper
Tatyana Pletneva
as Stan's fan
Yuliya Sinitsyna
as cheerleader on the podium
Aleksandr Yunkerov
as fan on the podium
Anri Saribekyan
as fan on the podium
Alexandr Arzin
as fan on the podium
Dmitri Matveyev
as fan on the podium
Ravil Nasretdinov
as fan on the podium
Svetlana Vishnyakova
as cheerleader on the podium
Igor Gorchakov
as fan on the podium
Addis De Grant
as fan on the podium
Ekaterina Ageeva
as cheerleader on the podium
Evdokiya Lavrukhina
as cheerleader on the podium
Olga Venikova
as cheerleader on the podium
Anna Erchenko
as cheerleader on the podium
Garik Ayvazov
Gayane Vardanyan
Irina Druz
as fan
Fyodor Paramonov
Albina Kubrikova
as american
Dmitry Agafonov
as fan on the podium


Production Sergey Selyanov Producer
Writing Dzhanik Fayziev Screenplay
Directing Dzhanik Fayziev Director
Production Dzhanik Fayziev Producer
Production Anton Zlatopolsky Producer
Camera Maxim Osadchy-Korytkovsky Director of Photography
Writing Andrey Rubanov Screenplay
Sound Pavel Doreuli Sound Designer
Production Innokentiy Malinkin Executive Producer
Sound Andrey Kireev Sound Designer
Writing Drew Row Screenplay
Writing Twister Murchison Screenplay
Art Alexandr Popov Production Design
Editing Rodion Nikolaychuk Editor
Costume & Make-Up Sergey Shichkin Costume Design
Costume & Make-Up Tatyana Knyazheva Costume Design
Sound Tony Neiman Original Music Composer
Sound Alexey Samodelko Sound Re-Recording Mixer

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