Giancarlo Esposito



Place of birth:

Copenhagen, Denmark:


Born in Denmark, Giancarlo Esposito is an Italian American stage, film and television actor and director, best known for playing many supporting characters in television shows, such as Gustavo "Gus" Fring in "Breaking Bad" and "Better Call Saul".

Film Credits

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Da 5 Bloods (2020)
Stargirl (2020)
as Archie Brubaker
Coda (2020)
as Paul
The Long Home (2019)
Stuck (2019)
as Lloyd
Maze Runner: The Death Cure (2018)
as Jorge
The Show (2017)
as Mason Washington
Okja (2017)
as Frank Dawson
Unacknowledged (2017)
as Narrator
Brother Nature (2016)
as Congressman Frank McClaren
On Meditation (2016)
as Himself
Money Monster (2016)
as Captain Marcus Powell
The Jungle Book (2016)
as Akela (voice)
The Pills - Sempre meglio che lavorare (2016)
as Il Boss
Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials (2015)
as Jorge
Poker Night (2014)
as Bernard
Batman: Assault on Arkham (2014)
as Black Spider / Eric Needham (voice)
Son of Batman (2014)
as Ra's al Ghul (voice)
Requiem For The Big East (2014)
as Narrator
Timms Valley (2013)
as Pruit Normings
They Die by Dawn (2013)
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Long Distance Revolutionary: A Journey with Mumia Abu-Jamal (2013)
as Himself
Over/Under (2013)
Alex Cross (2012)
as Daramus Holiday
Certainty (2011)
as Father Heery
S.W.A.T.: Firefight (2011)
as Inspector Hollander
Rabbit Hole (2010)
as Auggie
Gospel Hill (2008)
as Dr. Palmer
Feel The Noise (2007)
as Roberto Vega
The Box (2007)
as Dwayne Burkhalter
Sherrybaby (2006)
as Parole Officer Hernandez
Rain (2006)
as Ken Arnold
Hate Crime (2006)
as Detective Esposito
Last Holiday (2006)
as Senator Dillings
Derailed (2005)
as Detective Church
Carlito's Way: Rise to Power (2005)
as Little Jeff
Back in the Day (2005)
as Benson Cooper
Chupacabra Terror (2005)
as Dr. Peña
A Killer Within (2004)
as Vargas
Noise (2004)
as Hank
Blind Horizon (2003)
as J.C. Reynolds
Ash Tuesday (2003)
as Karl
Ali (2001)
as Cassius Clay, Sr.
Monkeybone (2001)
as Hypnos
Piñero (2001)
as Miguel Algarin
Homicide: The Movie (2000)
as Mike Giardello
Josephine (2000)
as Spike
Thirst (1998)
as Dr. Lawrence Carver
Naked City: Justice with a Bullet (1998)
as Chaz Villanueva
Phoenix (1998)
as Louie
Twilight (1998)
as Reuben Escobar
Stardust (1998)
as Mr. Peavey
Trouble on the Corner (1997)
as Darryl
Five Desperate Hours (1997)
as Joseph Grange
Nothing to Lose (1997)
as Charlie Dunt
Big City Blues (1997)
as Georgie
The Tomorrow Man (1996)
as Jonathan Driscoll
Waiting to Exhale (1995)
as David Matthews
Waiting to Exhale (1995)
as David Matthews (Uncredited)
Reckless (1995)
as Host Tim Timko
The Keeper (1995)
as Paul Lamont
Blue in the Face (1995)
as Tommy Finelli
The Usual Suspects (1995)
as FBI Agent Jack Baer
Smoke (1995)
as Tommy
Klash (1995)
as Stoney
Fresh (1994)
as Esteban
Seven Songs for Malcolm X (1993)
as Autobiography Reading (voice)
Amos & Andrew (1993)
as The Reverend Fenton Brunch
Malcolm X (1992)
as Thomas Hayer
Bob Roberts (1992)
as Bugs Raplin
Night on Earth (1991)
as YoYo
Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man (1991)
as Jimmy Jiles
Mo' Better Blues (1990)
as Left Hand Lacey (Piano)
King of New York (1990)
as Lance
Making 'Do the Right Thing' (1989)
as Himself
Do the Right Thing (1989)
as Buggin Out
School Daze (1988)
as Julian
Heartbeat (1987)
as Gang Member #1
Sweet Lorraine (1987)
as Howie
Maximum Overdrive (1986)
as Videoplayer
Roanoak (1986)
as Simon Fernandes
Desperately Seeking Susan (1985)
as Street Vendor
Finnegan Begin Again (1985)
as Intruder
The Cotton Club (1984)
The Cotton Club (1984)
as Bumpy Hood
Go Tell It On The Mountain (1984)
as Elisha
Trading Places (1983)
as Cellmate #2
Taps (1981)
as Cadet Captain J.C. Pierce
Running (1979)
as Puerto Rican Teenager
Tutti a squola (1979)
The Hebrew Hammer vs. Hitler (
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as Angry Slave

TV Series Credits

Harley Quinn (2019)
as Lex Luthor (voice)
The Mandalorian (2019)
as Moff Gideon
Godfather of Harlem (2019)
as Adam Clayton Powell Jr.
Creepshow (2019)
as Doc
Jett (2019)
as Charlie Baudelaire
Dallas & Robo (2018)
as Victor Goldsmith
Dear White People (2017)
as Narrator
Better Call Saul Employee Training (2017)
as Gustavo Fring
Rebel (2017)
as Charles
Westworld (2016)
as El Lazo
The Get Down (2016)
as Pastor Ramon Cruz
Better Call Saul (2015)
as Gustavo "Gus" Fring
Better Call Saul (2015)
as Gus Fring
Allegiance (2015)
as Oscar Christoph
Timms Valley (2014)
as Pruit Normings
Drunk History (2013)
as Andrés Pico
Revolution (2012)
as Major Tom Neville
Once Upon a Time (2011)
as Sidney Glass
Once Upon a Time (2011)
as Magic Mirror (voice)
Celebrity Ghost Stories (2009)
Community (2009)
as Gilbert Lawson
Leverage (2008)
as Alexander Moto
New Amsterdam (2008)
Breaking Bad (2008)
as Gustavo "Gus" Fring
Kidnapped (2006)
South Beach (2006)
as Robert Fuentes
Ghost Whisperer (2005)
Bones (2005)
as Richard Benoit
5ive Days to Midnight (2004)
as Tim Sanders
Las Vegas (2003)
Girls Club (2002)
Half & Half (2002)
CSI: Miami (2002)
as Chief Braga
Street Time (2002)
The Division (2001)
The $treet (2000)
as Tom Divack
Soul Food (2000)
Third Watch (1999)
Creature (1998)
as Lt. Thomas Peniston / Werewolf
The Practice (1997)
Nash Bridges (1996)
Swift Justice (1996)
Chicago Hope (1994)
New York Undercover (1994)
Bakersfield P.D. (1993)
Homicide: Life on the Street (1993)
as Michael Giardello
Law & Order (1990)
The Equalizer (1985)
Miami Vice (1984)
The Show (2017)
The Show (2017)
Gospel Hill (2008)