Ralph Bucko



Place of birth:

Colusa, California, USA:

Film Credits

Inherit the Wind (1960)
as Townsman (uncredited)
Rio Bravo (1959)
as Barber (uncredited)
Hills of Utah (1951)
as Miner
The Younger Brothers (1949)
as Cedar Creek Barfly (uncredited)
The Gallant Legion (1948)
as Ranger
The Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap (1947)
as Townsman (uncredited)
Ghost Guns (1944)
as Stage Driver Zeke
Call of the Rockies (1944)
as Miner
The Woman of the Town (1943)
as Barfly
Devil Riders (1943)
as Townsman
Raiders of Red Gap (1943)
as Henchman
The Kansan (1943)
as Cowhand
Colt Comrades (1943)
as Vigilante
Buckskin Frontier (1943)
as Townsman
Calling Wild Bill Elliott (1943)
as Townsman
Sunset on the Desert (1942)
as Townsman
Billy the Kid Trapped (1942)
as Barfly
Go West, Young Lady (1941)
as Posse Rider
Three Men From Texas (1940)
as Henchman
Gaucho Serenade (1940)
as Henchman
Destry Rides Again (1939)
as Barfly
In Old Monterey (1939)
as Townsman
In Old Caliente (1939)
as Vaquero
Sunset Trail (1939)
as Barfly
Prairie Thunder (1937)
as Lynch's Henchman
Borderland (1937)
as Texas Ranger
Guns of the Pecos (1937)
as Cowhand
Avenging Waters (1936)
as Cowboy Giving Stampede Alert
The Eagle's Brood (1935)
as Vaquero
Border Brigands (1935)
as Henchman
The Red Rider (1934)
as Rider
Smoking Guns (1934)
as Henchman
Gordon of Ghost City (1933)
as Rider
King of the Arena (1933)
as Spectator
Unknown Valley (1933)
as Joshua Townsman
The Thrill Hunter (1933)
as Studio Western Cowboy
Scarlet River (1933)
as Henchman in Shack (uncredited)
Young Blood (1932)
as Posse Rider Buck
Heroes of the West (1932)
as Townsman
The Man from Hell's Edges (1932)
as Barn Henchman
Lawless Valley (1932)
as Rustler
Cavalier of the West (1931)
as Man in Saloon
Arizona Terror (1931)
as Buck
Sundown Trail (1931)
as Ranch Hand
A Holy Terror (1931)
as Wranger (uncredited)
The Avenger (1931)
as Murietta Vaquero
Billy the Kid (1930)
as Cowhand (uncredited)
Code of the West (1929)
as Sheriff
Riding for Life (1925)
as Hobbles Horses